Remapping turbo petrol engines such as the VW 1.8 20V turbo and the Audi 2.7 V6 Bi turbo give very impressive gains of over 50%, if we take the 1.8 20 valve turbo for exaple we have developed over 300BHP for this engine in applications such as the Audi TT Quattro.

All turbo engines respond very well to engine remapping as we can adjust the tubo charge pressure electronically from within the engine control unit as well as the fuel and ignition curves, this also means we can keep all the original safety features such as digital knock control and over boost protection without compromising on performance and drivabilty. Turbo lag is also greatly improved during remapping with the turbo coming in much sooner and stronger than standard so lag is minimised.

Torque is very important when talking about turbo engines especially when remapping them, you can expect a increase of torque at around 60% from standard - torque is the turning force of your engine, it is this force that prepells the car forward faster under accelleration.

All new Audi/Vw engines have massive reserve capacity, the main reason they manufacture so much resurve in to these engines is so the manufacturer can sell many different power models of the same car at very different prices even though the only real difference between there model versions is software mapping. That is why remapping is so effective.


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