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Chip tuning has become ever more sophisticated in application and design, with all car manufacturers moving on to micro-printed curcuits & surface mounted chips so our tuning technology has had to stay one step ahead. When chip tuning we reprogram your standard memory chip software with tuned software optimized for the maximum power your engine will safely handle, we also iradicate original design flaws such as flat spots and low load hesitations and in some cases we can achieve up to 10% better fuel economy. Chip tuning takes around half a day or 3 to 5 hours from start to finish, avoid companys claiming very short labour times as chip tuning work in our opinion cannot be done correctly in less time than this.
We perform a full engine management diagnostic check before and after tuning work*
All our chip tuning work carries a lifetime warranty on both hardware and software.

*Please note we may refuse to chip your car if its engine management system has certain faults present during the first diagnostic check, of course we will review this descision once these faults are rectified. We also offer full engine management diagnostics & repair.

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