VW Golf GTI TDI 130

Customer Feedback:
The acceleration, the pull and the driveability is awesome. Every aspect of the cars driveability has been improved to the extreme.
I have been getting an extra 5-8mpg at 70 to 80mph and there is not much that can keep up with the old tractor now.
David Graham

0-60 time:
Before           After
9.26s            7.98s

Chip Tuning and engine remapping from BHPTuning
Remapping from just 250

Remapping stats/feedback:

Audi A4 1.8T Quattro

Customer Feedback:
just one word mate "AWSOME" it bloody goes now...was a little scarey on way home untill i got used to the extra power. Car feels alot smoother and when you put your foot down and the turbo kicks in she just takes off...tyres spin in second under accelleration..its great

0-60 time:
Before           After
8.59s            7.09s

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