VW Audi remapping
OBD remapping optimises engine power by reprogramming the EPROM chip via the vehicles OBD (On Bourd Diagnostic) port, without any removal of components

VW Audi Chip tuning
Chip tuning optimises engine power by replacing the EPROM (Electromic Programmable Read Only Memory) chip that contains the engine map with a reprogramed EPROM chip.

Warning remapping your Volkswagen/Audi can increase engine power by as much as 50%, We advise you to inform your insurance/warranty company regarding any upgrades made to your engines power output.

VW Golf 1.8 Turbo


Power KW/BHP

110 KW / 150 BHP

Torque NM/lb ft

210 NM / 155 lb ft

VW Golf 1.8 Turbo


Output KW/BHP

150 KW / 201 BHP

Output NM/Lbft

269 NM / 198 lb ft

EG.VW Golf 1.8T
(150 PS)
R.R.P �490
Now �360<


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